PFD Fraud hotline telephone numbers

Anchorage: (907) 269-0385
Juneau: (907) 465-2654



PFD Fraud is investigated and prosecuted by the Department of Revenue Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU): The CIU is not a part of the PFD Division, but is a separate agency tasked with investigating crimes against Revenue programs, including PFD. When an application has been referred to the CIU, the PFD Division will not be able to make an eligibility determination on that application or any subsequent application for that individual until CIU has completed its investigation. PFD does not have access to information regarding the status of an investigation.

The goal of the Criminal Investigations Unit is to assure that only eligible Alaskans receive the dividend. We need your assistance with the detection and identification of individuals filing fraudulent applications either for themselves or on behalf of a child or another individual.

In 2012:

  • A total of 361 fraud tips were received by the CIU, affecting a total of 565 PFD applications (including multiple years and sponsored children).
  • 12 cases were referred for prosecution in state court, resulting in four convictions representing a total of $91, 409.60 in restitution ordered.

Persons found guilty of PFD fraud:

  • may be sentenced to jail, fined up to $3,000, or both.
  • may have to repay all the Permanent Fund Dividends ever received, and forfeit the right to all future dividends.
  • when applying on behalf of a child or another individual, must pay back the dividend(s) that was (were) wrongfully claimed. They may also be required to pay back all of their own past dividends, and may give up the right to all future dividends.
  • At a minimum, will be required to pay back the dividend(s) wrongly claimed and will forfeit their next five dividends.

Every fraud tip received by the Division is thoroughly investigated. Your continued support in reporting fraud is crucial if we are to protect the program from those who have no right to receive dividend payments.


The following information is useful in our investigation. Please include as much of this information about the fraud suspect as you can.

  • full name;
  • approximate age;
  • social security number;
  • current address;
  • previous address and telephone number, if any;
  • spouse and children's names, approximate ages, and social security numbers;
  • employer's name, address, and telephone number;
  • why you think the individual or family is not eligible for a dividend;
  • how you acquired this information; and
  • any documentation of the above information you may have.

If you provide your name, address, and telephone number - which is not required - it will remain confidential under 15 AAC 23.253(f).

Contact us to report fraud


2012 Fraud Tip Summary

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