#LoveGenerously and Remember to Apply for the 2019 PFD!

It’s no secret that Alaskans are generous people. Whether it’s helping your neighbor recover from an earthquake disaster, assisting with a child’s education, or providing for your family; you love without limits.

The Alaska PFD empowers the kind of generosity Alaskans are known for. Remember to apply online by March 31st! Applications are available online now, and no matter what you do with your PFD this year, love generously.

What’s New With the PFD?

We are making some exciting changes to the 2019 PFD application process that will improve accessibility for all Alaskans and provide an additional option for giving! This year, you can expect to file your PFD faster and get it sooner by applying online. You can also take it further through a new donation opportunity! Please read the information below to be prepared for your 2019 PFD application!

File It Faster - New Look & Feel!

Your online application is now more efficient than ever! Take care of your entire application online in 7 minutes. Online applications record your progress and process immediately upon submission. Electronic signing via online application is now available to all Alaskans.

Get It Sooner

Alaskans who complete their application online and select direct deposit are eligible for inclusion in the first distribution! Those who complete eligible paper applications or opt for receiving a paper check by mail will be included in the second distribution in October.

Take It Further

Take your PFD further by donating a portion of your dividend to causes you care about statewide! In addition to Pick.Click.Give and the UA College Savings Program, we have added the option to commit part of your dividend to education through an Education Raffle.

Further Our Community – Choose a local cause to donate to with Pick.Click.Give!

Further Your Future – Save for college with the UA College Savings Program!

Further Their Education – Give to education with the NEW Education Raffle!

For each $100 an applicant gives to education through the Education Raffle, they will receive one entry for a chance to win up to 8% of the total contribution! #LoveGenerously

File Your Online Application