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Direct Deposit Information


If you answered “Yes” to Direct Deposit on your application, read the following helpful information. You can deposit your PFD into any bank that accepts ACH transactions.

If you have questions about your account type, routing number or account number, contact your financial institution. Direct deposit rules vary by financial institution. If you request direct deposit to an account that does not have your name on it, check the financial institution’s policy. Settlement of payments that have been rejected by the financial institution can be delayed 30 days or more.

If you received Direct Deposit in the prior year and want to use the same bank account select the option “same account as last year” on the application and do not enter bank information.

Provide all bank information if you are:

  • Applying for the first time,
  • Did not receive Direct Deposit last year or
  • Just turned 18 and are completing an adult application for the first time.

Direct deposit updates will be accepted through August 31st for the mass payment as well as a week prior to any of the monthly disbursement dates.

Providing Your Bank Account and Bank Routing Number

The routing number is always the first set of 9 digits on the bottom of your check starting from the left. If you are unsure of the routing number, contact your financial institution directly.

The account number is typically the second series of digits on the bottom of your check starting from the left. Enter the account number starting on the left side, without dashes or other characters.

Picture of where to enter account number on form

Picture of bank routing number location on a check

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