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Signing a PFD Application

Printable Instructions for Signing Your Application

Applicants can apply online and print a signature page at the end of the application process or electronically sign (e-sign) the application.

If you apply online using the signature page option (not using myAlaska to electronically sign the application), you will be prompted to print a signature page at the successful completion of the online application process. It is your written certification that the information provided on your online application is accurate and true. Print and sign the signature page then submit it to the PFD Division to complete your online application.

To electronically sign (e-sign) an application, a signature is created electronically through myAlaska allowing you to certify the information on your online application without submitting a paper signature page. Select the "CLICK HERE TO FILE YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION" button and you will be asked if you already have a myAlaska account or would like to create a new myAlaska account to electronically sign your application. If you do not want to electronically sign your application, select the bottom option to submit an online application that will require a signature page to be printed, signed and submitted to the division.

Minors cannot establish a myAlaska account. Adult sponsors electronically sign for the children they sponsor.

Establishing a myAlaska account alone does not constitute a successfully filed application. An applicant must also complete the Permanent Fund Dividend Application and receive a confirmation number for each application applied for.
  • If you previously created a myAlaska account, you should use the same account each year.
  • If you forgot your myAlaska Username go to and click on “Forgot Username.” You will be prompted to provide your email address from last year. Your username will be emailed to that email address. If you do not have the same email address as last year, you will need to create a new myAlaska account.
  • If you know your username, go to and click on “Forgot Password.” You will be prompted to provide your username and answer your secret question. You can then set a new password.
  • If you forgot both your user name and password, you will need to create a new myAlaska account.

You will know you have successfully applied online when you see the “You have successfully filed” page with your PFD Confirmation Number. You will get a separate confirmation number for each application you file. You will also receive an email confirmation if you provided an email address.

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