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myAlaska Frequently Asked Questions

What is myAlaska?

myAlaska is an authentication and electronic signature system, allowing citizens to interact with multiple State of Alaska services through a single username and password. In other words, myAlaska acts as a mutually-trusted third party when individuals need to conduct business with agencies, offices, and programs of Alaska state government.

How is myAlaska connected to PFD?

The myAlaska system acts as a third-party, to vouch for the identity of an account holder who wishes to electronically sign their application for a Permanent Fund Dividend. Other than this signing process, personal information about account holders or applicants is not shared between the two agencies, and myAlaska does not play a role in determining applicant eligibility for the PFD program.

Do I have to use a myAlaska account to apply for a PFD?

No. All applicants can apply online and return a printed signature page to the Division. Applicants who wish to attach an electronic signature to their online applications can do so with a myAlaska account.

Why would I want to use an electronic signature?

Certifying your PFD application with an electronic signature, or e-signature, is quick, secure, and convenient. The e-signature service provided through myAlaska accomplishes several objectives:

  • A trusted verification of the identity of the signer (much like a Notary Public provides)
  • A definitive time and date stamp of the act of signing
  • A guarantee of data integrity, with a tamper-proof “copy” of the signed document(s) 
  • A legally-binding transaction without waiting or travel

What do I need to setup a myAlaska account?

To enroll in myAlaska service you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid email address  
  • Enter accurate profile information in myAlaska  

Can I share a myAlaska account with someone, or use one to complete transactions for them?

No. The purpose of the myAlaska account verification is to provide a reasonable legal assurance of the identity of the individual conducting business through the account. Just as no one else could sign your driver’s license, for example, no one else’s myAlaska account can be used to sign your PFD application and vice versa. There are only two cases in which you might legitimately e-sign another person’s online filing:  

  • As the filing adult sponsor for one or more child applications;
  • As the filing representative for an adult for whom you have legal authority Remember, you are legally responsible for business conducted under your myAlaska account, including sworn statements, declaration of residency,etc.

Where can I get more information?

Please visit the myAlaska program FAQ at

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