Establishing Residency

The following information is a general guideline. The Permanent Fund Dividend Division cannot determine eligibility without a completed application.

An individual's intent to establish residency, remain indefinitely in Alaska, or to return to Alaska and remain indefinitely is demonstrated through the establishment and maintenance of customary ties indicative of Alaska residency and the absence of those ties in another state or country. 15 AAC 23.143. Acts that are required by law or contract or are routinely performed by temporary residents of Alaska are not by themselves evidence of residency. An applicant is responsible for providing proof of residency ties. An individual may not become a resident while absent from Alaska. Additional information is available for students and military members.

Physical presence in Alaska is not, by itself, sufficient to establish residency. Before January 1 of the qualifying year, an individual must have taken at least one step beyond physical presence in Alaska to establish residency.

Proof of establishing residency and the intent to remain indefinitely in Alaska may include the following:

  • a contract to move household goods to Alaska dated prior to the qualifying year (Employer paid moving contracts are not an acceptable tie)
  • proof of home ownership, a home purchase contract, rent receipts, or other proof that the individual maintains a principal home in Alaska. (Employer paid housing is not an acceptable tie)
  • employment records
  • school records
  • voter registration and voting records
  • motor vehicle registration records

In evaluating whether an individual claiming Alaska residency has demonstrated intent to remain indefinitely in Alaska, the department will consider whether or not an individual has:

  1. taken steps to establish Alaska residency and sever residency in a previous state or country;
  2. ties to another state or country that indicate continued residency in the other state or country; and
  3. taken other action during the qualifying year, through the date of application, that is inconsistent with an intent to remain in Alaska indefinitely.

Contact us if you have specific questions regarding the establishment of residency as defined by the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Program.