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Reporting your 2016 Dividend of $1,022 for Federal Tax Purposes

Dividends for Adults are taxable for federal income tax purposes. Depending on the amount of the dividend, your child’s dividend may be taxable. Even if part or all of your dividend was garnisheed, the entire amount of the dividend must be reported as taxable income. If you fail to report the PFD on your federal income tax return, a negligence penalty or other sanctions may be imposed on you.

The amount of the 2016 Permanent Fund Dividend is $1,022.00.

The state's Federal Tax Identification number is 92-6001185.

The PFD Division's mailing address is:

Permanent Fund Dividend Division
PO Box 110462
Juneau, AK 99801-0462

If taxes were withheld from your or your child's PFD, report the withheld amount on IRS form 1040 on the line for "Federal Tax Withheld." If a refund is due after you report the dividend and taxes withheld, the IRS will issue any refund due.

The Permanent Fund Dividend Division does not provide tax advice to dividend recipients. Contact the IRS by calling 1 (800) 829-1040 or a tax preparer in your area for additional information.