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Applying for Another Adult

You cannot file a Permanent Fund Dividend application for another adult unless you have legal authority to do so and meet one of the following requirements.

  • I am the authorized representative of the disabled or legally incompetent adult
  • I am the legal guardian or conservator of the adult
  • I hold legal power of attorney for the adult

A copy of the legal documentation is required with the application to prove you are a legally authorized representative.

You cannot file for another adult including a spouse or adult child unless you have legal authority to sign for the adult. Simply having permission from the adult is not valid whether it is verbal or in writing. If you hold a Power of Attorney it must be a General Power of Attorney, a Special PFD Power of Attorney or a Power of Attorney that specifically states that the authorized individual can do business for the applicant with the Permanent Fund Dividend Division. Powers of Attorney for Military Affairs is not an acceptable POA for PFD purposes.

If a copy of the appropriate legal documentation is not received by the Division to authorize the signature, the application will be denied.

How to file:

  • File online with a printed signature page or the authorized representative’s electronic signature. Select “On Behalf of another Adult - Applying for another adult for whom I have the legal authority".
  • File by paper. Paper applications for filing on Behalf of Another Adult are only available by request from the Permanent Fund Dividend Offices.

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