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Deadline for Deduction Changes

The deadline to make changes to any Voluntary or Involuntary deductions in the dividend year is August 31st.

PFD Deductions Priority Order

All deductions take 100% unless otherwise indicated.
  • IRS Backup Withholding (24% - No $2 Fee)
  • PFD $2.00 Attachment Fee per deduction
  • Bankruptcy (15 AAC23.213(g))
  • Child Support Services
  • Court Ordered Restitution
  • Internal Revenue Service (Taxes Owed)
  • Postsecondary Education
  • Court Ordered Fines
  • Writs – AS 09.35 (Minors, Child Judgement)
  • State Agencies (Including Univ. of AK)
  • DOR – Collections
  • Domestic Violence
  • Unpaid Rent or Damages
  • Court Ordered Forfeiture
  • Government Agency Assignment (Pre 1999)
  • Other Writs/Levies (80%)
  • Alaska 529 Plan (50% of balance - No $2 Fee)
  • Charitable Contributions (No $2 Fee)
  • Education Raffle (No $2 Fee)

Applicable Statutes and Regulations

AS 43.23.065, AS 43.23.066, AS 43.23.067, AS 43.23.068, AS 43.23.069, AS 43.23.071, AS 43.23.072, AS 43.23.073, 15 AAC 23.203, and 15 AAC 23.213

Note: If an applicant is subject to IRS withholding because the name provided on a PFD application did not match the Social Security number registered with the Social Security Administration, the withholding amount (24%) is deducted before any involuntary or voluntary deductions are processed.

There is a $2.00 fee for each involuntary garnishment received by the Division.

UA College Savings Plan and Charitable Contributions are voluntary requests for deductions and are not subject to a $2.00 fee.

Involuntary Deductions


Government agencies (state and federal), and a court may attach or garnish 100% of your dividend. Other types of attachments, beginning with the 1991 dividend, such as civil judgments, are limited to 80% of your dividend. When the Department of Revenue is properly served a legal attachment, we must honor it. You will be notified in writing of any attachment against your dividend at the time your check would have been issued. To review garnishments, visit myPFD and review your deductions if any. You will receive any portion of your dividend that is not garnisheed. If you have questions regarding garnishments that have been filed against you, contact the creditor directly. Our website provides you with a case number and the appropriate contact number. The Division cannot assist you with garnishments that have been served against your PFD. If you are a creditor, for specific information on how to attach a Permanent Fund Dividend, review regulation 15 AAC 23.213(a) through (j). You can also contact an Alaska Clerk of Court Office and ask them for "Executing on the PFD; Creditor Instructions", CIV-503.

Voluntary Deductions


An applicant can only assign a dividend to a government agency, a court, or a regional housing authority under state law AS 43.23.069.

We will only accept an assignment of a child's dividend to satisfy restitution agreed to or required under AS 47.10.080, or to satisfy a court-ordered fine or judgment for court appointed attorney fees. We will not accept an assignment of an incompetent or disabled adult.

Only one assignment can be made on each dividend and it must be made in writing on a form provided by the Department. If you want to assign all or part of your dividend to a government agency, a court, or a regional housing authority, please contact the Anchorage, Juneau, or Fairbanks Dividend Office and ask for the "Dividend Assignment of Rights" form after March 31.

Alaska 529 Plan

The Alaska 529 Plan selection is paid after all other involuntary deductions. To retrieve funds from T. Rowe Price or for more information about the Alaska 529 Plan, visit their website.

Charitable Contributions (Pick.Click.Give.)

Charitable Contributions are paid after all other deductions are made. For additional information about Charitable Contributions and how to withdraw from the selection, review the Charitable Contributions FAQs.

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